13 Jährige gequält video reddit, 13-year-old boy tortured for hours leaked video –

Following The killing of 12-year-old Louise, another incident of violence In Heide Is shaking Germany. A group of teenagers aged 12 to 17 allegedly tortured a 13-year-old In The Schleswig-Holstein Heath and filmed The crime. Everything was filmed With a smartphone. FOCUS makes these recordings available online. First, The Schleswig-Holstein Zeitung (SHZ). One of The perpetrators Has now spoken out and defended her violence. The victim’s mother was shocked by The attack on her daughter.

Facts: Disturbing recordings show how The 13-year-old was hit In The nose, among other things, With soot and Coke poured over His head. The girl was crying In despair, gasping In panic, begging, begging.

But despite The child’s pleas, The abuser didn’t stop. Instead, They agreed Which girls were allowed to beat 13-year-old girls. Only then can she go. The five-minute Video demonstrates three tricks. But The child’s martyrdom Is said to Have lasted longer. The victim’s mother told SHZ that her daughter’s torture lasted an afternoon.

She told The newspaper what The perpetrators did to her daughter, Which Is Not seen In The Video: The girls allegedly later extinguished a cigarette on her daughter’s left cheek and set her hair on fire. “Then I found The scorched hair tie,” The mother said.

The ordeal ends With a passerby who correctly assesses The situation. “He realized The danger my daughter was In and took her In when she asked him for help. We are very grateful to him,” The mother told The paper. “The perpetrator fled as a police car approached With blue lights and a siren. My daughter ran away but was arrested again. But The man saw that she needed help.” Her daughter Is still Day clinic, “The doctor Is there to take care of her.”

Perpetrator justifies His psychological fear
Explanation for The perpetrators: Now one of The perpetrators Has come forward to defend her actions. In an interview With “RTL,” she explained that she was sorry. “I’m never going to do it again.” The perpetrator justified herself by saying she wouldn’t Have volunteered to do The whole thing. “I was forced by another woman.” Whether this Is true or Not Is unclear. She felt sorry for The victim, The source said.

The mother of The co-accused also told “RTL”: “When I saw The Video, I thought it couldn’t be my daughter. I was shocked.” But now she also Has to protect her daughter who Has been threatened With death. A psychologist judged The perpetrator’s statement as “a typical perpetrator” In RTL. “Because you feel stronger In a group. Groups also encourage crossing borders.”

Itzehoe Police spokesman Astrid Heidorn also spoke of The “NDR” of “group dynamics” In this regard. This means that each suspect will “retaliate or take action” against The girl. “Of course, among The masses, it’s very, very frustrating,” Haydorn said. A police spokesman confirmed that clashes took place before The incident.

When torturing girls, suspects may be interested In “experiencing self-efficacy and strength,” Which Is considered “wonderful,” Martin Sanders of The West Coast Child Protection Center explained to “NDR.”

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