63 year old woman kidnapped in Mexico

63 year old woman kidnapped In Mexico

The woman In The above Photo was kidnapped In Mexico. She adds to The list of people getting kidnapped when going to Mexico, plus all The other drama In The world. However, her kidnapping took place before The group of friends that made major headlines. This kidnapping Is now making headlines due to The FBI now putting out a $20,000 reward, as her family demands answers. According to reports, The neighbors witnessed her abduction.

It seems as if The reports are a bit conflicting. The woman’s name Is Maria Del Carmen and it’s being said that she’s an American woman. However, The reports say Del Carmen was residing In The Mexican state of Colima, where she owns a home. On February 9, reports say Maria Del Carmen was abducted from this home. Now, The official investigation Has been launched, as Del Carmen’s children are demanding answers.

Maria Del Carmen Has now been missing for over a month. In an effort to obtain More information, The FBI Is offering a $20,000 reward. Maria Del Carmen’s daughter said The neighbors told her that men In hoods came and took her mother. Meanwhile, she pleaded for her Life. In addition, Del Carmen was on a Video pleading for her Life. She begged whomever to pay The ransom so she can go free. Del Carmen’s daughter begged, In a letter, for them to bring her mom back alive.

Source: The Neighborhood Talk

63 year old woman kidnapped In Mexico

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