Alex Vaughn releases “Demon Time” remix with Ari Lennox

Alex Vaughn releases “Demon Time” remix With Ari Lennox”>Alex Vaughn Has been soaring as one of The most underrated talents In R&B. She’s signed to The Atlanta-based LVRN record label, Which Is also home to Summer Walker and 6LACK. Last year, she released her “The Hurtbook” EP, Which gained a lot of momentum for her.

This week, Alex also announced that she would be releasing The “Homegirl Pack” of her Hurtbook project, on March 17. This includes three new songs Which feature Muni Long, Ari Lennox, and Summer Walker. TheIYKYK” single With Muni was released on March 14.

Therefore, TheDemon Time” remix featuring Ari Is now available. “So Be It” featuring Summer Walker will arrive on March 17.

Alex Vaughn releases “Demon Time” remix With Ari Lennox

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