“All of you tagging me for p*rn star King Nasir to chop me are all Aponkye”- Efia Odo

When Efia Odo was suggested as a worthy replacement for Shugatiti, Social media users completely exploded With her.

You might remember that Shugatiti Has been teasing American p*rn star King Nasir on Social media for a while.

King Nasir offered to help Shugatiti and even planned a trip to Ghana for their “match” after she claimed she had never orgasmed In her Life.

However, after Shugatiti posted a Video asking for The public to choose between Gambo and Nasir as her partners, The American completely embarrassed her. Things seemed to fall apart.

The King Nasir match for Shugatiti appears to be fraying, so Ghanaians Have proposed Efia Odo as a new replacement.

This occurred after Nasir tweeted that **A significant Number of fans selected Efia Odo, Which didn’t sit well With him.

“…He (Gambo) can Have you… I don’t wanna date you. The only reason I’m entertaining this Is to prove I can make you org*sm since you publicly claimed you’ve never had one In your entire Life,” he said.

see The Post below…

“You people tagging me In this Post are all aponkyes,” she fired!


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