Amanda Bynes’s psychiatric hold might be extended after she wandered on streets for days

Amanda Bynes’s stay at The psychiatric care may extend for a longer period to ensure that she gets The help she needs. This came after it was reported that she walked naked through The streets of Los Angeles.

Here Is everything you need to know.

Amanda Bynes to possibly stay longer at The psychiatric care

Sources close to Amanda Bynes revealed to NewsWail that They are still trying to figure out whether The Easy A actress Has been living on The streets for several days. 

If you didn’t know, Bynes was placed on a 72-hour-long psychiatric hold for roaming The streets of Los Angeles naked.

Meanwhile, reports claim that The former Nickelodeon star flagged down a car while she was nude on Sunday. 

Additionally, an eyewitness claimed that Bynes told The driver that she was coming down from a psychotic episode.

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@kaitlynhotfox #amandabynes ❤️❤️ happy shes getting The help she needs. she was sweet, gave her some money and talked. sometime ppl just sb to talk to. #fyp #goviral #foryoupage ♬ original sound – kaitlyn

Bynes then called 911 on herself and was immediately rushed to a local police station. Furthermore, a mental health expert determined that Bynes needs to be taken to a mental health facility for treatment.

Meanwhile, The incident came nearly a year after The She’s The Man star was freed from her conservatorship. It lasted for almost nine years.

A judge at that time ruled out that Bynes and her estate ‘No longer required’ The legal guardianship of The actress’s parents Rick and Lynn Bynes.

Besides that, David Esquibias, Bynes’s attorney claimed that she was ‘doing very well.’

Furthermore, Bynes and her former fiance, Paul Michael, called it quits In July 2022 but They are continuing to remain as close friends. The duo was last captured together In December 2022 seemingly running errands In LA.


Amanda Bynes Has been placed on a psychiatric hold after she was found roaming The streets of Los Angeles naked and alone, NewsWail reports.

She reportedly waved a car down and told The driver she was having a psychotic episode, then called 911 herself.

— Pop Base (@PopBase)”>March 20, 2023

Fans react to Amanda Bynes’s recent activities

Fans of Amanda Bynes took to Social media to express their love for The star despite her latest antics. In addition, They sent heartfelt remarks about Bynes.

A user wrote, ‘Hollyweird does such a Number on these child stars. It breaks my heart. Sending love to you Amanda. I literally want to cry.’

Someone else chimed In to say, ‘Ugh my heart hurts for her. So many of us grew up watching her and she gave so much and I don’t think she had enough people protecting her.’

A different fan went on to point out, ‘I wish Amanda nothing but The very best. She Is so so talented, and it’s sad to see her having a difficult time.’

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Exactly she looks fragile. If you get my point I really hope she’s okay

— Sarah (@summerwine1995)”>March 21, 2023

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They way she said what’s up💔 it was her voice but it wasn’t.. hoping for The best for Amanda

— J lo (@arceliarose__)”>March 22, 2023

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Ugh. Why do we Have to pull out our phones and record everything?! Have we become so self obsessed that we can No longer Have casual meetups and strolls without explaining it to The internet? The LAST thing she probably needed was this. A friend she was Not.

— a complicated thing (@KittyKatMoses)”>March 22, 2023


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