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Big Brother Titans 2023 Week 9 Head of House


The latest week of Big Brother Titans Has come With some exciting twists and turns as The housemates battled for The coveted Head of House title. As usual, The winner of this title Is immune from nomination and Has exclusive access to The Big Brother lounge.

This week’s Head of House game had an interesting task that required housemates to stack 50 paper cups on each other within 4 minutes. The housemates took turns to complete The task, and The one who completed it In The quickest time was declared The winner of The game.

Blaqboi emerged as The winner of The game, completing The task In an impressive 1 minute 2 seconds. This Has earned him The Head of House title for week 9, and he will enjoy The privileges that come With it. He picked Blue Aiva to share The Big Brother lounge With him.

The Head of House title Is Not only a prestigious title but also a strategic advantage In The Big Brother house. Being immune from nomination means that The HoH can breathe a little easier and focus on building alliances and relationships With other housemates without The fear of eviction.

It’s also worth noting that The tail of The house title was awarded to Nana, who had The worst performance In The game. This Is a reminder that every housemate needs to put In their best effort to avoid being nominated for eviction.

As The week progresses, we can expect to see how The HoH’s leadership style will shape The dynamics of The house. Who will be nominated for eviction, and who will survive to Fight another week? The suspense continues In The Big Brother Titans house.

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