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Sean Teale Is a British actor who Has become a rising star In Hollywood In recent years. He was born on June 18, 1992, In London, England

Teale initially pursued a career In soccer but soon realized His passion for acting. He attended Latymer Upper School In London and later went on to study at The National Youth Theatre.

Teale started His acting career In 2010 when he appeared In an episode of The popular British series “Skins”. He then went on to play Nick Levan In The fifth and sixth series of The show.

In 2014, he landed a leading role In The Syfy series “Incorporated”. He played The character of Ben Larson, a young executive who works for a powerful corporation In a dystopian future. The show was canceled after one season, but Teale’s performance received critical acclaim.

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Sean Teale (Image: Source)

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Sean Teale: Bio

Sean Teale Is a British actor who Has made a name for himself In The entertainment industry through His talent and hard work.

Born on June 18, 1992, In London, England, UK, Sean spent His childhood In Putney, London, where he attended Latymer Upper School.

Early Life

Sean’s father, Noel, Is a software engineer, while His mother, Fini, Is a designer. During His school days, Sean was an avid sports enthusiast, and he excelled at Rugby, representing His school team on several occasions. However, Sean’s Life took a different turn when he participated In a school drama, and an agent spotted him, recognizing His potential as an actor.

Sean Teale: Career

Sean’s passion for acting grew stronger, and after completing His school education, he deferred His studies at The University of Manchester to focus on honing His acting skills.

He landed His First significant role In 2010, In The series “Summer In Transylvania,” where he played The character of a vampire.

Sean’s breakthrough came In 2011, when he starred In The British-American science-fiction series, “The CW’s The Tomorrow People,” where he played The lead role of John Young. His performance In The series was highly acclaimed, and it brought him widespread recognition.

In 2016, Sean landed The role of Ben Larson In The Syfy series, “Incorporated.” The series was produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and received positive reviews from both audiences and critics.

Sean’s other notable roles include The character of Louis XIV In The historical fiction series, “Reign,” and The character of Marcos Diaz In The Marvel series, “The Gifted.”

Sean Teale’s journey In The entertainment industry Is an inspiration for aspiring actors worldwide. His dedication, hard work, and passion for acting Have led him to achieve great success and recognition. Sean Is undoubtedly a rising star In The industry, and we can’t wait to see what he Has In store for us In The future.

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Sean Teale (Image: Source)

Early Career

In 2017, Teale appeared In The hit Fox series “The Gifted”. He played The role of Marcos Diaz, a mutant With The ability to manipulate light. The show ran for two seasons before being canceled. Teale’s performance In The show was praised by fans and critics alike.

Teale Has also appeared In several films, including “We Are The Freaks” (2013), “Survivor” (2015), and “B&B” (2017). He Has won several awards for His acting, including The Best Actor award at The London Independent Film Festival for His performance In “B&B”.

Teale Is also an advocate for social and environmental causes. He supports organizations such as Oceana, Which works to protect and restore The world’s oceans, and The Prince’s Trust, Which helps young people In The UK to overcome barriers and achieve their potential.

In His free time, Teale enjoys playing soccer and practicing martial arts. He Is also a talented musician and plays several instruments, including The guitar and The piano.

Overall, Sean Teale Is a talented actor and rising star In Hollywood. With His impressive acting skills, dedication to social and environmental causes, and diverse range of interests, he Is definitely one to Watch In The coming years.

Sean James Teale Is a well-known name In The entertainment industry, With His career spanning across various movies and TV shows. But just how much Is he worth? In this Article, we’ll delve into Sean James Teale’s net worth and explore The primary sources of His income.

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Sean Teale

Sean Teale: Girlfriend

If you’re a fan of Sean Teale and curious about His love Life, you might be wondering who The lucky lady In His Life Is.

Well, we’ve got The scoop for you. Sean Teale’s girlfriend Is none other than The gorgeous London-based producer, Jelly Gould.

Who Is Jelly Gould?

Jelly Gould Is a producer who Has been making waves In The entertainment industry for quite some time now.

She Is known for her work on popular TV shows and movies, including “Dracula,” “Lovesick,” and “Chewing Gum.”

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Sean Teale

Jelly Gould and Sean Teale’s Relationship

Jelly Gould and Sean Teale Have been dating since 2018. The First Image of them together was shared on July 13, 2018, and since then, The couple Has been going strong. Before dating Sean, Jelly was In a relationship With a guy named Patrick Watson.

Sean Teale, The British actor who rose to fame With His role In The popular TV series, “Skins,” Has been keeping His relationship With Jelly relatively private.

However, They Have been spotted together on multiple occasions, and Sean Has even shared a few pictures of them together on His Social media accounts.

Sean Teale’s Personal Life

If you’re a fan of Sean Teale and want to keep up With His latest projects and personal Life, make sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Sean Is known for being active on Social media and often shares behind-The-scenes glimpses of His work and personal Life.

Sean Teale’s girlfriend, Jelly Gould, Is a talented London-based producer who Has been making waves In The entertainment industry.

The couple Has been dating since 2018, and although They keep their relationship relatively private, They Have been spotted together on multiple occasions. If you’re a fan of Sean Teale, be sure to follow him on Social media to stay updated on His latest projects and personal Life.

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Sean Teale (Image: Source)

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Sean James: Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, Sean James Teale’s estimated net worth Is around $5 million, according to various reliable sources.

While this may seem like a substantial sum of money, it’s Not entirely surprising given His successful acting career and other ventures.

Primary Source of Income

Sean James Teale’s primary source of income Is His acting career. He Has appeared In numerous movies and TV shows, including “Reign,” “Little Fires Everywhere,” and “The Gifted.”

Sean Has received praise for His performances, and His talent Has undoubtedly contributed to His growing net worth.

Yeezy Sneakers

While Sean’s acting career Is His primary source of income, he Has also made money from other ventures. One notable example Is His involvement With Yeezy sneakers, a popular sneaker brand.

Sean’s earnings from Yeezy sneakers are estimated to be between $3 million and $5 million. It’s worth noting that he Has been open about exaggerating The size of His business In The past, but His earnings from this venture Have undoubtedly contributed to His overall net worth.

Sean James Teale’s monthly and yearly salary Is Not publicly known. However, it’s safe to assume that His acting career pays him well, and His earnings likely vary depending on The projects he takes on.

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Cars and Lifestyle

When it comes to Sean James Teale’s cars and lifestyle, he prefers to keep things private. While there Is No information on The specific cars he owns, it’s clear that he enjoys The finer things In Life.

From expensive clothing to luxurious vacations, Sean’s lifestyle Is undoubtedly reflective of His success In The entertainment industry.

Sean James Teale’s net worth Is a reflection of His hard work and success In The entertainment industry. With a primary source of income from His acting career and additional earnings from ventures like Yeezy sneakers, Sean Has built a substantial net worth over The years.

While there may Not be much information available on His monthly and yearly salary, it’s clear that Sean’s talent and dedication to His craft Have paid off.


Real Name Sean Teale.
In Limelight Rosaline (2022).
Profession Actor.
Age 30.
Birth Date June 18, 1992.
Birth Place London, England, UK.
Lives In London.
Gender Male.
Nationality British.
Zodiac Gemini.
Ethnicities Mixed.


  • Sean Teale was born In London, United Kingdom.
  • Sean Teale‘s birth sign Is Gemini.
  • His parents are Noel and Fini.
  • He studied at Latymer Upper School In Hammersmith.
  • Sean studied History and Economics at The University of Manchester.
  • He rose to fame With His roles In Rosaline (2022), Little Voice (2020), and B&B (2017).
  • He appeared In The television series The Gifted as Marcos Diaz / Eclipse from 2017 to 2019.
  • Sean Is of Venezuelan, Spanish, and Welsh origins.
  • He Has been dating Adelaide Kane since 2014.
  • He Is active on Instagram under The username @seanjamesteale.

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