Cherelle Parker Age, Bio, Parents, Siblings, Husband, Children, Net Worth

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Cherelle L. Parker Is a famous American politician who Is a former Democratic member of The City Council of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, representing The Ninth District, and Democratic Nominee for Mayor of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Cherelle Parker was elected on November 3, 2015, In The general election.

Cherelle Parker was born In 1973, In Mount Airy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, In The United States of America. She Is 50 years old In 2023.

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Cherelle Parker

Cherelle Parker Parents

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Cherelle was born to a single teenage mom and raised by her grandparents James and Dorothy Parker.

Cherelle Parker Siblings

There Is very little or No information available about The siblings of Cherelle Parker.

Cherelle Parker Husband

Cherelle Parker Is currently married to Ben Mullins who Is a prominent figure within The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

Cherelle Parker Children

Cherelle Parker Has a son who Is called  Langston Mullins.

Cherelle Parker Net Worth

Cherelle Parker Has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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