Chrisean Rock Hints At Abortion As Drama With Blueface Heats Up

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Chrisean Rock Is questioning whether to carry on With her pregnancy amid her turbulent fallout With Blueface.

This week, The Blue Girls Club star took to Instagram Live where she claimed she was at war With The 26-year-old rap star. With her burgeoning baby bump on display, Rock slammed Blueface for calling her a “hoe” and casting doubt about The paternity of their unborn child.

“It’s like damn what The f—. Just because I don’t want to get With your cheating a–?” she told fans during her Instagram Live session, Which was reposted by The Neighborhood Talk. “It’s war now. It’s like war now, he’s trying to s— on me, ” she said before adding:

“That’s why I’m like damn, I might should just kill this baby.”


Social media users urge Chrisean Rock to make The right decision

Online, Social media users pled With Rock to make The best decision for herself and The Life of her child.

“This sad. Bc if she Is having The baby for herself, keep it. He doesn’t want it and this Is The reality of preparing to be a single parent,” wrote one user on Instagram. A second person commented:

“If you keeping this baby just to keep him then sis you already got it all twisted!! A BABY DON’T KEEP No 🥷 AROUND AND IT DON’T MAKE HIM CHANGE His WAYS!!!”

While a fourth added:

“I hope she Has The baby and it changes her Life and she can live at peace With her bundle of joy. Motherhood and that new found love will do that.”

Some users called Rock “sick” for talking about her potential abortion publicly.

“Admitting to effortlessly killing your OWN child. There’s No value on Life,” wrote one user, while a fifth added:

“I’m definitely pro choice BUT I’m also that’s your business & we don’t need to know.”

Rock’s shocking comment comes just days after she and Blueface got into all-on-Twitter war Sunday. The “Thotiana” rapper accused Rock of cheating With several different men and claimed that he was moving on from their turbulent relationship.

“She pregnant missing a tooth With 7 tattoos finna make a fool of herself With The next nigga an I’m Not pregnant at all finna live my Life perfectly fine With The next bitch who gone take me even More serious now it’s really tragic fr,” he tweeted.

Surprisingly, Rock tweeted back to The rapper’s petty Post With a mature response:

“I take you serious. You just hate me rn. I don’t need The next N—- I got myself,” she replied.

In a follow-up tweet, The 22-year-old influencer said she wasn’t going to let Blueface’s deplorable behavior stop her from having a healthy pregnancy. 

Hopefully, these two can hash things out for The sake of their child. This Is getting out of hand!


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