Country club wife calls tennis champion in letter to members

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Country club wife calls tennis champion In letter to members

She’s making quite a fuss.

A woman who lives In The ultra-wealthy, celebrity-filled Sherwood Country Club Has sent a letter to all her neighbors, warning them of a dangerous presence among them – a horny tennis player.

Unidentified homeowner In a gated community that Is connected to a club – north of Los Angeles and He demanded Mel Gibson, Caitlyn Jenner, Wayne Gretzky, Jack Nicholson, Will Smith, Sylvester Stallone and Justin Timberlake as members – wrote In a message Page Six saw: “To my dismay, I recently learned that my husband was romantically involved With one of employees of our tennis club.

Er, a very upset woman gave The name of The alleged mistress and The First letter of her last name, before adding: “I am admitting our community of respectable families and members of this HOME WRECKER who works among us.”

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Will Smith Is one of The club’s A-List members, as are Justin Timberlake, Jack Nicholson, Mel Gibson and Caitlyn Jenner.

He also complains about having to see The Wimbledon Whore at The local pub “and see her smug smile”.

“I try to avoid her; Keep her away from my children, but she’s there – she’s boiling. “She Has No respect for this community. I never expected that to happen. We are committed and friendly to The employees who work here, and so it Has been With our family.”

Speaking about it, she says, “My husband and I are working on it privately, but I couldn’t keep quiet.”

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Tiger Wood Has hosted His Hero World Challenge there several times.

A source In The community tells Page Six that The luxury club Is furious about The letter, while another source who works at The club says management Is aware of The matter and Has launched an investigation – but Has little information so far.

“We chose this community for many good and healthy reasons, but it was a nightmare. I need to see her at The exclusive club I belong to,” writes The scorned wife.

“I’m so sad it happened In my own paradise.”

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Jenner Is said to play there most days.
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The club Has a PGA course designed by Jack Nicklaus. Tiger Woods hosted His own Hero World Challenge tournament there for several years and The club also hosted Greg Norman’s Shark Shootout event.

We’re hoping a similar memo went around The tennis club’s teachers’ lounge, warning that an unfaithful husband Is on The loose With a wife who Has a printer and isn’t afraid to use it.

It seems that racket sports are a real aphrodisiac. In 2021, we published an Article about how The CEO of Barstool Sports leaves her husband for a squash coach at a country club In Connecticut.

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