DDG goes viral after shaving his beard and mustache

DDG goes Viral after shaving His beard and mustache

DDG Is quietly becoming The next rap superstar. Even though he Has controversy going on, he Has The right look and The right woman beside him. His girlfriend, Halle Bailey, Is a rising superstar and her film, The Little Mermaid Is coming soon. While DDG Is heavy In The rap game, His relationship With Halle often leads to him being In The spotlight. Given His history as a YouTuber, DDG Is actually The perfect fit for this Life. He knows how to play The game, as he shut The internet down when he removed His facial hair.

DDG Is a native of Detroit, Which Is currently brimming With rising talent. Honestly, this should Not come as a surprise. After all, Detroit birthed The success of mainstream Black music, Which would lead to The birth of mainstream hip hop. Until The 2010s, The only successful rappers Detroit had were Eminem and The members of His crew. Despite The thin roster, Detroit produced one of The highest selling rappers of all-time.

DDG hopes he can become The biggest rap star In Detroit history. Definitely, he Has people invested In His every move, Which goes a long way In that mission. Yesterday, DDG decided to shave all of The hair off His face. Already, he had people questioning His facial hair, after he and Halle Bailey attended The Academy Awards red carpet. When he came home, DDG ended up cutting off both His beard and His mustache. For whatever reason, this set The internet ablaze.

DDG goes Viral after shaving His beard and mustache

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