Devin Booker and Jenna Ortega dating rumors go viral with alleged photo

A pic Has gone Viral on The internet claiming that NBA player Devin Booker and Jenna Ortega are dating each other. While previously Devin had His high profile relationship With model Kendall Jenner. The latest pic of Booker With Ortega Is making all shocked. But Is it really true?

Read ahead to know More about Devin Booker and Jenna Ortega’s pic going Viral claiming The duo are dating each other.

Devin Booker and Jenna Ortega’s pic goes Viral

Devin Booker In recent times Has evolved as one of The best NBA players. With an amazing record professionally as a player. Recently we had His love Life being In limelight too. As we got to Have him previously dating Kendall Jenner.


Devin Booker and Jenna Ortega were seen having dinner together last night 👀

— Buttcrack Sports (@ButtCrackSports)”>March 14, 2023

While now once again there’s another rumour doing rounds claiming Devin Is dating Wednesday star, Jenna Ortega. As one of The pics of them Has been going Viral on The internet claiming so. But Is it really true about both Devin Booker and Jenna Ortega?

Is Jenna Ortega really dating Devin Booker?

The Viral pic of Jenna Ortega showing her alongside a pic of Devin Booker claimed that both had dinner together. Which added The rumours further that They are dating as well. What made all believe The same was The NewsWail watermark on The pic.


Actor Jenna Ortega reveals In a new interview that her favor ite NBA player Is Devin Booker

“I love watching Devin Booker play. I believe he’s one of The best players In The NBA and I believe he deserves to be a Starter In The 2023 All-Star game.”

— o (@Book1tt)”>December 5, 2022

While The pic was viewed millions of times. What netizens found out later about The reality of The pic that it was fake. The Viral pic of Jenna Ortega and Devin Booker was actually a photoshopped Image going Viral. Also, it was shared on The internet by a parody account of NBA “Buttcrack Sports”.The account Is known for its satirical content.

More about The NBA parody account and its content

Though some contents are indeed fake and misleading. The Viral pic of Jenna Ortega and Devin Booker With their dating rumours was surely a parody and satirical one. It wasn’t The First such content of The parody account though as it keeps posting such content to dupe fans.

Previously, one of The other Viral content of them came With fans believing Jordan Poole was dating rapper Ice Spice. However, fans can be assured of even The fact that Devin Booker and Jenna Ortega aren’t dating each other as The Viral pic claimed.

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