Diddy posts photo with all seven of his children

Diddy Posts Photo With all seven of His childrenMore-549103″/>

Diddy Is one of The most influential men In The history of hip hop. Recently, he announced His interest In purchasing majority interest In BET. Prior to this, Diddy made headlines With news of The birth of His daughter. The news came as a surprise, seeing how Diddy and Yung Miami were just starting to go public as an item. So, him having a child ended up surprising The world. Counting Quincy, Diddy already had six children. All of His children, including Quincy, were present for a Combs family Photo.

Diddy definitely Has a motivating story, as he rose The ranks to become hip hop’s leading mogul. In The 1990s, Puff Daddy really had The game on lock. As a result, Diddy saw His net worth dramatically increase. After all, he was The CEO of The biggest record label In The hip hop industry, at The time. This led to Diddy being The First rapper to appear on The cover of Forbes. Looking back on it, The accomplishments took place In a relatively short period of time.

Diddy was going through whirlwind romances, behind The scenes. Ultimately, The late Kim Porter proved to be The love of His Life. Their love was so strong that Diddy took In her son With Al B. Sure!, Quincy, as His own. In addition, Diddy had five biological children of His own, including Quincy’s biological brother, King Combs. As previously mentioned, Diddy recently welcomed The birth of a daughter. Now, he Is showing His little girl off, along With her other six siblings In a rare Photo of The Combs kids together.

Diddy Posts Photo With all seven of His children

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