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Daniel Hernandez, better known by His stage name 6ix9ine, Is an American rapper who rose to fame With His aggressive style of rapping and His distinctive appearance, characterized by His rainbow-colored hair and numerous tattoos.

Despite His controversial public persona and legal issues, 6ix9ine Has achieved commercial success, With several of His singles charting on The Billboard Hot 100. Get to know More about 6ix9ine Siblings and other information relating to His family below.

6ix9ine Siblings

6ix9ine Has one older sibling named Oscar Osiris Hernandez born on August 25, 1994. During their upbringing, 6ix9ine and His elder brother, were brought up In a church.

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6ix9ine’s father, who was of Puerto Rican origin, grew up In a poverty-stricken area of New York. Tragically, he was Killed when 6ix9ine was just 14 years old. Despite His challenging upbringing, 6ix9ine ‘s father introduced him to music and theater.

Meanwhile, her mother left Mexico to seek a better Life In The USA. Initially, he found it difficult to understand why His mother separated from their Mexican relatives. However, His older brother helped him reunited With His mother’s family In Mexico after visiting her hometown.

6ix9ine also Has a daughter although he rarely talks about her In His interviews, he occasionally Posts pictures of her on Social media. The identity of The mother Is unknown, but it Is evident that The two were never married.

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