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Andy Rourke, The bassist for The rock band The Smiths, Has died aged 59, The band Has announced.

Guitarist Johnny Marr confirmed “With deep sadness” that Rourke died after a lengthy illness With pancreatic cancer.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Marr said: “Andy will be remembered as a kind and beautiful soul by those who knew him and as a supremely gifted musician by music fans.

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On Twitter, Rourke’s old bandmate Johnny Marr broke The heartbreaking news and praised him as a musician With extraordinary skill.

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Marr, who was deeply saddened and asked for privacy, emphasized that Rourke will be remembered by both those who knew him and by fans of His iconic 1980s band as a kind-hearted person and as a remarkable musician.

Rourke was instrumental In laying The unique rhythmic groundwork that supported Marr’s ground-breaking guitar performance along With drummer Mike Joyce.

The Smiths Bassist Andy Rourke Family And Kids

Andy Rourke was very committed to keeping His private Life, including information about His family and children, secret throughout His Life.

The tweet from Birmingham 81 acknowledges Andy Rourke’s loss and offers sympathies. It also honors him.

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The existence of Andy Rourke’s children Is still unknown to The general public. To give His family a feeling of normalcy and to safeguard their privacy, Rourke probably made The choice to keep them out of The public eye.

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Rourke made sure that His children, if any, could grow up free from The possible pressures and intrusions that come With having a famous dad by keeping His personal Life out of public view.

This conscious decision enabled them to carve out independent pathways and personalities from their father’s artistic heritage.

In The end, Andy Rourke’s choice to keep His family Life private fits With His broader strategy of keeping a low profile and concentrating on His music career.

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