Don’t mind her, I give her over ₵700 every month from my ₵1,800 salary — Husband slams his wife for reporting him to family for being stingy

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A man Has slammed His wife for reporting him to His family members claiming he Is stingy and Has proceeded to expose her In The process.

The unidentified man further claimed he earns N75,000 (equivalent to ₵1,800) every month. In addition to paying their three children’s school tuition of N90,000 per academic term, he sets away N30K (₵700) from this amount.

Despite His efforts, The wife, who alleges that her husband Is stingy and Not completely supporting The family, Is still unhappy and Has brought The matter up With her parents. Defending himself after while addressing The issue to an online counsellor, The man said;

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“I earn 75k monthly and give my wife 30k from it for food With 3 kids. I also pay their school fees Which Is about 90k each term. Also pay transport and pay some domestic bills also.
But my wife pick up quarrel With me and telling her parents that I am stingy. And don’t take care of them.”

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In other stories previously shared on, Doyinsola David, a former Big Brother Nigeria contestant, Has admitted she Is looking for a partner who can break her heart.

The talk show host lamented her overeating and claimed that she wished a boyfriend would break her heart so she could resume dieting.

Given The rate at Which she Has recently become chubby, our inference from her Article was that receiving emotional distress from her male partner would work like a charm In helping her lose weight.

She wrote; “Someone really needs to break my heart again…so I can go on a diet. I’m really starting to eat too much.”

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Someone really needs to break my heart again…so I can go on a diet. I’m really starting to eat too much 🤦🏿‍♀️

— Doyin David ☀️ (@OfficialDoyin_)”>May 23, 2023

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