FBGM Goes Viral on TikTok: The Meaning Behind the Latest Social Media Slang

An acronym Is going Viral on TikTok and users are keen to know what it stands for. Recently, a lot of acronyms and slang terms Have been surfacing on TikTok. Where users Have been left confused thinking about The real meaning behind it. If you too are unaware of what FBGM stands for. Then here’s what we know all about its meaning.

Read ahead to know More about The meaning of The acronym FBGM and its meaning as it goes Viral on TikTok.

TikTok gets a new trend of acronym FBGM

TikTok as a hub of trends and challenges Has been bringing new varieties of content on The platform too. As we had some acronyms or slang trending on The platform for some time. Recently too we had one such acronym FBGM go Viral on TikTok.

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@unknownhellokittylvr #fyp #foryou #Viral ♬ wanna die wanna die – user282837923

Several videos on TikTok Have been going Viral With The use of an acronym FBGM In it. While users are willing to know what it stands for. Not to miss, you might Have seen some slang going Viral before on Social media or platforms. But what does FBGM stands for?

What’s The meaning of FBGM?

You might Have come across many acronyms going Viral on TikTok along With its meaning. While some of them Have decent meaning some are Not so. As With FBGM acronyms too we Have users trying to know their meaning. Well, Urban Dictionary defines The meaning of it. FBGM as per Urban Dictionary stands for “F**k B**ches, Get Money”.

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♬ original sound – cool music editz 😎

The acronym Is also considered an alternative to The saying “Bros Before H**s”. The term FBGM Is basically used for men but Not as a compliment though. Yet on TikTok, The term Is going Viral.

TikTok users’ react to The acronym slang FBGM

The slang acronym FBGM isn’t The only term that Has gone Viral on TikTok and Has been used by users of The platform. However, lately, users Have been obsessed over this acronym FBGM. As users Have been even using The term on Social media or even commenting on it.

The confused users on TikTok wrote “Facebook grandma? Idk wat that means bruh”. Another one internet wrote “fbgm but Have No motion”. While many users after knowing The meaning of The acronym went on to use it In their comments or videos too.

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