Fella Makafui Snubs Medikal after he posted her with the caption saying he loves her

After His encounter With Sister Derby, musician Medikal Is out courting Fella Makafui, The love of His Life, to come back into His arms.

Medikal Has expressed His love for His wife Fella Makafui on Social media.

He said even if she were a twin, he would still pick Fella Makafui.

Medikal shared this endearing statement along With a gorgeous Image of Fella Makafui.

Fella, on The other hand, Has chosen to ignore him because she feels humiliated that her husband recently got back together With His ex-girlfriend, Sister Derby, for a song.

All signs point to Fella Makafui being hurt. She Has resisted Medikal’s requests because she feels emotionally battered.

It appears that Medikal Is attempting to publicly blackmail Fella Makafui into forgiving him, but this time, things are Not going In His favor.

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