Floyd Mayweather shows off his massive TV inside his mansion

Floyd Mayweather shows off His massive TV inside His mansion

Floyd Mayweather often boasts about how wealthy he Is. Among other things, he owns an $18 million Watch, and Has multiple business ventures. Mayweather’s videos are often placed inside of motivational videos. In addition, Floyd Is always putting out new videos that show off His extravagant lifestyle. This morning, Floyd broke The internet With The size of His new television.

Floyd Mayweather Is never shy about discussing His wealth. However, he says he only shares what he Has In order to motivate others. When he discusses perfection, Floyd says The only thing made perfect was His boxing record. During His professional career, Floyd Mayweather went 50-0. After that, he retired, but he came out of retirement to box Conor McGregor. In that bout, he became 51-0.

Floyd Mayweather currently Has a match coming up With John Gotti III. The match Is set to take place In The next couple of weeks. As a result, Floyd Is back on His job of doing The promotion. Ahead of The match, he showed off More of His flashy lifestyle. This time, Floyd showed The size of His massive television, Which Is on The inside of one of His mansions.

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Floyd Mayweather shows off His massive TV inside His mansion

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