Ghanaian Rapper Strongman Burner Denies Being Used as a Servant by Sarkodie

There Have been rumors that Ghanaian rapper Strongman Burner was treated poorly during His time on Sarkodie’s record label, Sarkcess Music.

Some people claimed that he was made to do menial tasks like pounding fufu and was Not given any help With His music.

Strongman Has finally spoken out about these rumors and denied them completely. He said that he only visited Sarkodie’s house about six times during His time on The label and never spent More than two hours there. They only spoke on The phone three times.

Since Strongman hardly spent any time With Sarkodie, he says it was impossible for him to be used as a servant. He believes that these rumors were spread by people who wanted to bring him down.

Strongman said that he remained quiet for so long because he didn’t want to cause any drama or negativity. However, he felt that it was important to clear The air and set The record straight.

It’s important to remember that rumors and gossip can be hurtful and damaging. It’s always best to get The facts straight before believing or spreading information. Strongman Burner Has denied The rumors that he was used as a servant by Sarkodie and hopes that people will focus on His music instead.

Watch her Video below;


Strongman clarifies rumors about His working relationship With Sarkodie; he reveals that he Has never slept over at Sarkodie’s house, neither Has he spoken With him for up to 2 hours

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