How to Do Living Statue Quest in WoW Dragonflight

In The new content update, you can continue your adventure through The Dragon Isles and defeat enemies In Zaralek Cavern.

Discover The mysteries of The Black Dragonflight, meet new allies, discover treasures, and More.

The champions of Azeroth must go into darkness and prevent The crucible’s power from falling into The wrong hands.

Encounter nine bosses like Kazzara, The Vigilant Steward, Echo of Neltharion, and More.

Get unique bonuses to your class abilities by collecting The Crucible armor set.

The update also introduces a new upgrade system that replaces many of The current upgrade systems like Valor and Storm Gear.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to do The Living Statue quest In World of Warcraft: Dragonflight (WoW).

How to Do Living Statue Quest In WoW Dragonflight

To do The Living Statue Quest In WoW Dragonflight, you need to find and dig out 4 orbs around The room and place them on The orb stands.

After that, Click on The statue, defeat The Empowered Protector Lynaera, loot The Heated Titan Key, and open The Etched Titan Chest.

Here’s how to do this (expand The screenshots above):

  1. Find 4 orbs around The room and place them on The orb stands.
  2. You can find The orbs by smelling, burrowing, and digging.
  3. After you’ve placed The 4 orbs, Click on The statue, and defeat The Empowered Protector Lynaera.
  4. Loot The Heated Titan Key from Empowered Protector Lynaera and open The Etched Titan Chest.

After you’ve opened The Etched Titan Chest With The key, The quest will be completed.

“Good job With that guardian. I thought it was going to hurt us, but then I remembered how powerful you are!”.

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