How to Fix Instagram Double Tap Not Working

Instagram allows you to like Posts like videos and Photos.

You can like Posts In two ways—tapping on The like button or double-tapping on The Post.

By tapping on The like button, The heart will turn red.

You can also double-tap a Post to like it and a heart animation will play.

However, The double-tap feature Is Not working all The time.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix The Instagram double tap Not working on Android or iOS devices.

Why can’t I double tap to like on Instagram?

You can’t double tap to like on Instagram because it’s a known bug/glitch on The app.

Instagram frequently releases new updates to improve its users’ experience.

These updates come With new features and improvements to The app.

However, some updates contain bugs/glitches.

A bug/glitch Is The inability to like Posts by double tapping on them.

This issue affects both Android and iOS devices.

How to fix Instagram double tap Not working

To fix Instagram double tap Not working, you can try downloading an older version of The app (Android).

You can also try clearing The app’s cache or updating Instagram to The latest version.

If there isn’t an update available, you need to wait for one.

Instagram will release a follow-up update to fix bugs like The inability to use The double tap feature.

Fix 1: Download an older version of Instagram (Android)


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  1. Delete The Instagram app from your Android device.
  2. Go to
  3. Select “Older versions”.
  4. Install an older version of Instagram (APK).
  5. Open Instagram and The issue will be fixed!

Note: This method only works for Android devices.

Fix 2: Clear Instagram’s cache

  • On Android: Force exit Instagram > open The Settings app > Apps > Instagram > Storage > Clear Cache > Clear Data > re-open Instagram.
  • On iOS: There Is No way to clear Instagram’s cache on iOS devices, so you need to uninstall and reinstall The app instead.

Fix 3: Update Instagram to The latest version

  1. Open The App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Search for “Instagram”.
  3. Tap on The “Update” button to update Instagram (if there’s one available).

Note: If there’s No update available, you need to wait for one to be released that fixes The bug (this can take a few days).

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