How to Get and Use Ominous Chromatic Essence in WoW Dragonflight

Continue adventuring through The Dragon Isles and Fight enemies In Zaralek Cavern In The new update.

Discover The secrets of The Black Dragonflight, discover treasures, meet new allies, and More.

The champions of Azeroth must enter The darkness and stop The crucible’s power from falling into The wrong hands.

Defeat nine bosses like Echo of Neltharion, Kazzara, The Vigilant Steward, and More.

Receive special bonuses for your class abilities by getting The Crucible armor set.

The update contains a new upgrade system that replaces a lot of The current upgrade systems like Storm Gear and Valor.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get and use The Ominous Chromatic Essence In World of Warcraft: Dragonflight (WoW).

How to get Ominous Chromatic Essence In WoW Dragonflight

To get an Ominous Chromatic Essence In WoW Dragonflight, you need to defeat The Forgotten Experiments from The Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible raid.

To find The raid, you need to go to northern Zaralek Cavern at /way 48.46 10.35.

The closest flight point Is by Obsidian Rest, a little to The south of The raid entrance.

The raid features 9 bosses and Is The second raid that continues The storyline of Dragonflight.

How to Use Ominous Chromatic Essence In WoW Dragonflight

To use Ominous Chromatic Essence In WoW Dragonflight, you must attune The trinket by using it In front of an Oathstone.

There are multiple Oathstones—Bronze, Azure, Emerald, Ruby, and Obsidian.

They will give you The respective buffs—Haste, Mastery, Critical Strike, Versatility, and each secondary stat.

Here’s how to get each buff (expand The screenshots above):

  • Thaldraszus – Bronze Resonance (Haste): /way 59.76, 81.91
  • The Azure Span – Azure Resonance (Mastery): /way 39.45, 63.16
  • Ohn’ahran Plains – Emerald Resonance (Critical Strike): /way 22.24, 51.19
  • The Walking Shores – Ruby Resonance (Versatility): /way 62.42, 73.12
  • The Walking Shores – Obsidian Resonance (All Secondary Stats): /way 27.61, 63.29

To attune The trinket to a specific stat, you can use it at one of The above locations.

To do so, right-Click or /use The Ominous Chromatic Essence while you’re In front of an Oathstone.

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