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How to register SMEs online, Benefits, Terms and Conditions See here
#register #SMEs #online #Benefits #Terms #Conditions – Not a few internet users are looking for how to register SMEs online. The reason is that the process is not difficult, but for ordinary people or minimal gadgets it will be difficult to overcome this. By registering your SME, you may be able to get assistance from the government and later use it as business capital.

This method is very effective for those of you who want to get an injection of funds for the business capital that you will develop. Therefore, you need to know how to register for SMEs Online. SMEs themselves play an important role in the economic cycle of a region or country. No wonder this government program needs to be supported.

And a problem many business actors face is having very minimal or limited capital. No wonder these business actors went bankrupt and did not continue their business. Hence, applying for government SME assistance is the best solution you can try.

Thus, you can get assistance in the form of funds that can be used for the business capital that you will develop. So how do you register SMEs online? The method is very easy and fast, for more details please see the following review.

Types of SMEs

Before getting into the discussion, you need to know what types of SMEs exist in Indonesia. The reason is that there are 3 types that you can know including micro, small and medium enterprises. All three have their own differences. And to know in more detail please see the explanation below.

Micro business

Micro-enterprises are businesses owned by individuals/commercial entities that successfully meet the criteria for micro-enterprises. So, the criteria in question have been regulated under the applicable law. However, this type of business can be classified as a micro-enterprise if it manages to achieve a turnover of 300 million per year.

In addition, the commercial assets in it are worth more than 50 million, excluding land assets and commercial buildings. And the main characteristic of micro-enterprises that are already distinctive is the aspect of money management in them. And the sales themselves are often mixed with private money. For example, micro-business traders in the market, stalls, vendors and others.

Small business

And small business itself is classified as a type of business that goes into a commercial entity and has a minimum asset of 50 million to 500 million. If you look at the sales turnover every year, which is 300 to 2.5 billion.

This small business also has much better money management compared to micro businesses. And it is clear about personal money or money for the managed business.

Medium enterprise

And other businesses are medium-sized enterprises with a total asset of 500 million, including excluding buildings and land used. In addition, the annual sales turnover is 2.7 billion to 50 billion annually.

What characterizes medium-sized enterprises is better money management. Interestingly, this type of business has commercial legality.

Online registration requirements for SMEs

It is better to know in advance what requirements apply for online UMKM registration. So you can complete the registration process easily and quickly. Please see the details below.

  • Indonesian citizens / Indonesian nationals
  • You have a NIK/KTP
  • Own a business
  • Not employees of BUMN, BUMD, PNS, TNI/POLRI
  • Attach a business certificate if your ID card address and business address are different
  • You do not have a loan from a bank or KUR (Light Business Credit)

And after all the requirements have been met. Then you can prepare the documents in advance. And please see more as follows.

  • Photocopy of identity card
  • Copy after KK
  • Business Identification Number or NIB
  • Attach a photo of a small business
  • Attach the SPTJM (Declaration of Absolute Liability) which you can get at the Cooperative and SME Office around their place of residence
  • Attach proof of SME ownership such as business certificate (SKU), micro and small business permit (IUMK) and business identification number (NIB)

How to register SMEs online through BKPM

The first way to register your SMEs online that you can try is to visit the BKPM (Investment Coordinating Committee) website, which has been widely used by some people. The method is very easy and please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the page first on your mobile phone
  2. If so, log in using your account
  3. If you do not have an account, please register first
  4. Next, click Business Licensing >> click Individual and select one of the menus below
  5. Registering the business identification number for micro-enterprises
  6. Registering a business identification number for small businesses
  7. Enter the complete form data which has been submitted successfully
  8. Then tap save and click continue
  9. In the Business Details form, you can click Add a company
  10. Please fill all the data correctly and save >> click Next
  11. When you’re done, check again that the data has been filled in successfully
  12. And if correct then check disclaimer section >> click on NIB Process

Advantages of SME registration

Registering for SME assistance, you can find many advantages in it. One of them is the development of the business you manage. To know in more detail, you can see the review as follows.

Business financing

One of the first benefits that you can get is that you can get an injection of funds that are useful for the development of the business that you are managing. Interestingly, you can get an injection of funds from banks or other investors.

But you need to know, both banks and investors themselves trust a business that has been registered more. Therefore, for those of you who need capital from a third party, you should register with this online SME which can be completed quickly.

The expanding market

And companies that have successfully registered will find it easier to gain trust in the eyes of customers. Thus, you can also participate in large auctions/become a supplier for hotels and other companies. Thus, you can reach a very wide market more easily and you will provide more profits.

Easy to get skilled workers

If the business you are running is growing, then you need an additional employee to help you run the business. However, skilled workers will determine a business that has pocketed a permit themselves, as this is very safe and easy to trust.

However, you can also get workers when the business has not been officially registered. And the quality of workers that will be obtained later is only standard and has no skills in their field.

Build credibility

Businesses that have successfully registered are more qualified compared to businesses that have not been registered. For example, from quality of service, financial management, quality of products/services marketed and many others. Either directly or indirectly, it will have a positive impact on business development.

The last word

So many online SME List reviews that you can try, make sure you meet the terms and conditions that have been prepared. In this way, you can register to get help from the government and facilitate the development of the business you are managing. I hope this is useful to all of you, thank you very much.

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