Hurricane Chris found not guilty of second-degree murder

Hurricane Chris found Not guilty of second-degree murder

Many remember Hurricane Chris from His breakout 2007 single, “Ay Bay Bay.” That record was a massive hit, as it peaked at Number seven on The Billboard Hot 100 chart. The Shreveport, LA rapper also had another major record InHalle Berry (She’s Fine),” In 2009. As a result, that peaked at Number 52.

However, Chris ran into some serious legal issues, In 2020. He was initially accused of fatally Shooting Danzeria Ferris Jr, In August of that year. The incident Is said to Have occurred at a Texaco gas station, In Shreveport. Chris went on to state that he acted In self-defense.

As a result, Hurricane Chris Has now been found Not guilty, according to NewsWail. He was initially facing a second-degree murder charge, for His alleged involvement. His legal team even referred Ferris Jr as “Deebo” from The legendary 1995 “Friday” film. That character was played by The late Tiny “Zeus” Lister, who went on to pass away, In 2020.

In 2022, Chris released four singles. Those included “My Bay,” “P.W.A.,” “Jungle Fever,” and “Stepped On.” His previous album was released way back In 2009, Which was “Unleashed.”

Hurricane Chris found Not guilty of second-degree murder

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