I Don’t Love My Husband Anymore After He Took Me To School And Brought Me To The UK

A Nigerian nurse living In The United Kingdom (UK) recently shared on Social media why she decided to end her marriage With her husband.

She met her husband In Nigeria and he encouraged her to go to nursing school. He even helped pay for her education and eventually relocated With her to The UK.

Despite all of this, The nurse revealed that she No longer loves her husband and had to end their marriage.

She explained that her husband thought it was because she was now living In The UK and had a good Life, but that wasn’t The case.

She simply didn’t feel any attraction towards him anymore and didn’t want to spend The rest of her Life With someone she didn’t love wholeheartedly.

The nurse Is 28 years old and her husband Is 32. She told him that it’s Not too late for them to start over With someone else. She made The difficult decision to end their marriage because she wants to be With someone she truly loves.

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