“I feel comfortable when i act with Agya Koo”- Wayoosi

Famous Ghanaian actor Wayoosi born Joseph Osei recently discussed how Agya Koo’s absence from The cinema industry harmed His career In a conversation With Ambassador Tv.

He lamented In The interview that he Has been passed over for opportunities because people think he Is only good when partnered With His godfather, Agya Koo, despite having been In multiple riveting movies alongside Agya Koo.

And now he Has confirmed The prevailing belief that when a filmmaker casts him alongside Agya Koo for a specific movie part, he performs at His best.

Wayoosi once More displayed His acting talent In The new series Asirifi “The Drunkard,” Which also starred Agya Koo.   The pair showed that their pairing truly Is one In a million.

Agya Koo, Wayoosi, Bediide, Pilato, AMA Tundra, Obaa Akua, and other actors are featured In Asirifi’s “The Drunkard” series.   Watch The action by clicking The Video Link provided by YouTube user Okodie GH below.

Watch The Video below.

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