“I was deported from American”- Nana Ama Mcbrown shares her sad story

Nana Ama McBrown, an actress and media personality, Has disclosed that she Has been expelled from America once.

McBrown revealed this to Captain Smart as she was being introduced as The newest Onua TV presenter.

McBrown claims that she dislikes The month of January because it was The month when she was once deported from The United States.

When McBrown described what happened to Captain, she revealed that it occurred when she was young and a very skilled football player In Kwadaso, Kumasi.

She claimed that at The time, she had an uncle who lived abroad who was moved by her talent and promised to take her there.

“Captain, January Is a month I don’t like at all because things really don’t go as expected for me. I’ve never said this anywhere before but today I’ll say it to inspire somebody. My uncle returned from The US and met me as a footballer who had returned from playing at Kwadaso (a suburb of Kumasi).

“I went to play table tennis after that so when my uncle saw me, he promised to take me abroad. Truthfully I was In America In January but to put it short, I was deported,” she revealed.

According to McBrown, after she was deported, even her entire family turned against her because They thought she was “bad luck,” but that didn’t stop her from persevering and working hard until she realized her goals.

So I want to tell whoever Is listening to me that of your dream Is to travel and things are Not going as expected, that Is Not The end of your Life. God Has a plan for you because I didn’t know I would become who I am today if it wasn’t for The deportation,” she added.

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