Ice Cream Man Accused of Killing 2 Brothers – Trial Update; Michael Keetley in Jail?

There Is a lot of curiosity among The audience regarding The case of Michael Keetley, who Is accused of killing two people In 2010.

The case Has been ongoing for quite some time now, but it Is yet to be solved. Keetley Has been under police custody for a while, but he Has Not pleaded guilty to The charges against him.

Last Monday, he had His trial, but there hasn’t been any update on The case since then. If Keetley Is found guilty, he could face a lifetime prison sentence. To learn More about The case, check out The linked Article.

Has Michael Keetley Been Sentenced to Jail?

Michael Keetly Has been incarcerated since 2011 and Has been waiting for over 12 years for a verdict In His case.

Following The Shooting incident that occurred In November 2010, Michael Keetly pleaded Not guilty to two counts of First-degree murder and four counts of attempted murder In January 2011. He Has since maintained His innocence, despite being incarcerated. During The Shooting, Keetly opened fire on six individuals, resulting In two deaths and four serious injuries.

Despite The prosecutors’ allegations that he mistakenly shot The wrong men, Keetley Has steadfastly maintained His innocence In The Thanksgiving Day 2010 Shooting incident.

It took almost a decade for The case to reach The court for The First time. However, after a mistrial was declared, Keetley’s new legal team and The judge are now gearing up to retry The case.

The decision Has been made to retry The case, and The public Is hopeful that More information regarding The incident will be disclosed soon.

Ice Cream Man on Trial for Allegedly Killing Two Brothers: Latest Update

In 2010, on Thanksgiving Day, Michael, a former ice cream truck driver, was accused of killing two brothers and injuring four others In a Shooting incident that took place In The Ocean Mist neighborhood In Ruskin, Florida.

The motive behind The Shooting was Keetley’s search for a man named “Kreeper,” whom he believed was responsible for Shooting him In an earlier incident.

However, prosecutors alleged that Keetley had gone on a revenge mission and mistakenly targeted The men who were Not involved In The earlier incident.

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