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Morrissey, whose real name Is Steven Patrick Morrissey Morrissey, Is an English singer, songwriter and author.

Steven Patrick Morrissey was born at Park Hospital In Davyhulme, Lancashire, on May 22, 1959. His parents, Peter Morrissey and Elizabeth were Irish Catholics who had immigrated to Manchester from Dublin a year prior to The birth of His only sibling, Jacqueline.

Morrissey asserts that he was given The name Steve Cochran In honour of The American actor, while Patrick Steven Morrissey, The infant sibling of His father, may Have been The inspiration. Additionally, he learned about The prejudice against Irish immigrants In British society.

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After The ‘slum clearances’ of Victorian-era homes In Hulme, The family relocated to another council house at 384 King’s Road In Stretford In 1970.

He grew to appreciate literature, kitchen sink realism, and 1960s pop music as a child. He fronted The unsuccessful punk rock group The Nosebleeds In The late 1970s, and In The early 1980s, he started a career as a music journalist and published several books on music and film.

In 1982, he and Johnny Marr founded The Smiths, who quickly gained widespread acclaim for their self-titled debut album.

Morrissey garnered notoriety as The band’s leader thanks to His distinctive quiff and humorous, satirical songs. He crafted The persona of a sexually ambiguous social outsider who embraced celibacy, purposefully eschewing rock machismo.

The Smiths had a run of successful singles and released three More studio albums: Meat Is Murder, The Queen Is Dead, and Strangeways, Here We Come.

Both In His solo career and With The Smiths, Morrissey Is frequently acknowledged as an influential artist.

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The Smiths were awarded The “most influential artist ever” by NME In a survey conducted In 2002, even surpassing The Beatles, and The BBC Has called him “one of The most influential figures In The history of British pop”.

Rolling Stone stated that His “rejection of convention” In His vocal style and lyrics Is The reason “why he redefined The sound of British rock for The past quarter-century” while ranking him one of The greatest vocalists of all time In a poll In 2014.

Is-morrissey-married”>Is Morrissey married?

We Have No information about Morrissey In our database. The musician Is extremely private Which Is why keeps such information to himself and Not for public consumption.

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