Ja Morant reportedly enters counseling program in Florida

Ja Morant reportedly enters counseling program In Florida

Ja Morant Is arguably The most explosive player In The NBA. Despite His small stature, Morant Has become known for putting opposing players on a poster. Sadly, Ja Has become known for doing too much on Social media. Recently, he posted a Photo of himself holding a weapon on IG Live. As a result, there were calls for a suspension. Officially, The Memphis Grizzlies suspended him for two games. However, it looks likely that he’ll miss The remainder of The season. Now, Ja Is reportedly In Florida, receiving counseling.

Ja Morant breathed new Life into The Memphis Grizzlies. After The “Grit N Grind” era, The Grizzlies went into a rebuilding mode. The Grizzlies dropped to being one of The NBA’s worst teams. As a result, They landed The second draft pick, allowing them to pick Ja Morant. His First season was The lockdown year, but His second season saw them end The Warriors’ season, make The playoffs, and take Game 1 from The top seeded Jazz. Last year, They had a classic playoff series With The Warriors, losing In six games.

Ja Morant Has The potential to be The face of The NBA. Actually, he Is, but for all of The wrong reasons. He Has The Memphis Grizzlies holding The second seed In The Western Conference. There was a strong possibility of The Grizzlies giving The Denver Nuggets a run for The First seed. However, this weapons incident Has put Memphis’ entire season In jeopardy. With Ja out, indefinitely, he Is In Florida doing counseling. This should lead to long-term positive changes.

Ja Morant reportedly enters counseling program In Florida

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