Ja Morant says the gun he flashed wasn’t his

Ja Morant says The gun he flashed wasn’t His

Ja Morant Is potentially The face of The NBA, but he’s made some bad decisions. The decision to Post on IG Live With a weapon Has put Morant’s career In jeopardy. Fortunately, His antics did Not cost The Memphis Grizzlies their season, like some predicted. While Morant’s own mental health Is More important, His Grizzlies were In a prime position to contend. Holding The West’s second seed, The Grizzlies were quietly creeping up on The Nuggets for The top spot. Instead, Ja got into trouble, and now he’s talking to Jalen Rose about it.

Ja Morant put The Memphis Grizzlies back on The map, these past four years. During His First postseason run With The Grizzlies, Ja sparked a rivalry With The Golden State Warriors. In 2021, The Grizzlies ended The Warriors’ season. They played In The play-In tournament to face The Utah Jazz In The First round of The playoffs. Ultimately, Ja and The Grizzlies won. However, The Warriors More than redeemed themselves, last season, eliminating Memphis In The playoff’s second round.

Ja Morant sat down With Jalen Rose for an exclusive ESPN interview. A snippet of The interview Has been shared on Social media. This clip gets right into it, as Jalen Rose asked Ja why he Is doing The things he’s doing. Above all, Ja Morant cited mental health and said it was His decision to seek counseling. After that, he was asked about The weapon. While he avoided answering The question of who it belonged to, Ja said it wasn’t His.

Ja Morant says The gun he flashed wasn’t His

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Ja Morant sat down With Twitter.com/JalenRose?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>@JalenRose In an exclusive interview about The incident that led to His suspension and His path forward. pic.Twitter.com/t1WwL5dvrQ

— ESPN (@espn) Twitter.com/espn/status/1636136379477372930?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>March 15, 2023

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