Kandi Burruss Addresses ‘Jealously’ Drama With LaTocha Scott

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Kandi Burruss set The record straight regarding speculation that she’s jealous of her Xscape group mate LaTocha Scott during The latest episode of her Speak On It YouTube series. 

The drama between Kandi and LaTocha recently resurfaced as new episodes of SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B premiered on Bravo. LaTocha’s longstanding claims — highlighted In The groups’ latest show — are that Kandi tried to stifle her career and from singing lead on Xscape’s songs.

The RHOA star denied rumors she’s ever been envious of LaTocha singing lead or that she caused enough tension for her group mate to go solo. Kandi went through Xscape’s albums and specified The numerous songs she sang lead on, including The group’s breakout track “Just Kickin’ It.” 

“She and I Have always bumped heads, to be clear,” Kandi said. “There was always an issue. I’ll get into that More if we ever do a movie — I’ll give y’all some real tea…”

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Kandi Burruss On Her Beef With LaTocha Scott

Kandi went into More detail about her drama With LaTocha In The Shade Room‘s comments. The Grammy-winning songwriter said she’s “tired of The narrative” she was ever jealous of her group mate.

“She Has a beautiful voice & I am Not saying I sing better at all,” Kandi noted. “What I am saying Is that my voice Is distinctive & I hold my own & I was Not jealous of her. So stop it! We went into our third album knowing she was goin solo, so yes, I had a lot to say about it because our sh-t was falling apart. 30 yrs later we still goin through The same sh*t.”

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