Keke Palmer Believes Cheating And Forgiveness Go Hand In Hand

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Keke Palmer’s 2020 interview With DJ Suss One Has gone Viral, and some internet users are shocked by The actress’s advice on cheating In a committed marriage. 

In The buzzing throwback interview, DJ Suss One from Hip Hop Nation asked The Nope star if she would leave her partner if They cheated after ten years of marriage. The Chicago native replied With a surprising answer. 

“It depends on if you show me contrition,” The Tru Jackson VIP alum said. “Why did this happen? Why don’t you talk to me? Was there a problem In our marriage, or Is there a problem going on With you? Is this a midlife crisis? I need to understand what’s going on.”


Explaining her viewpoint, Palmer told Suss that she believes “forgiveness Is a major part of love.”

“A lot of people don’t want to admit that,” she continued. “Now, I’m Not saying you need to be forgiving a dude for everything…. You got to be able to set your boundary lines and whatever your heart lines are, but I feel like I Have learned throughout my Life. Because I’ve cut a lot of people off. I’m one of those people that’s like,  ‘you did me wrong, you’ve hurt me? We’re done. Number’s changed. You’re blocked.’ But I’ve learned that’s Not right. I’ve lost a lot of people. I Have just found myself very alone. Because it’s like well, girl, somebody’s gonna hurt you once or twice including your mommy and your daddy. Your family members. Like you’re gonna be hurt, because people are Not perfect.”

Social media users share mixed reactions to Keke Palmer’s Viral interview clip.

On YouTube, some viewers had difficulty seeing Palmer’s point of view.

“Forgiveness? Nah. You screw up. You’re gone,” wrote one viewer. 

Another YouTuber penned, “Me and my wife talked about this throughout our relationship/marriage over our years being together, and we Have both agreed that if either one of us cheats, The marriage Is over, and we’ll be co-parenting our children as They grow up.”

A third person said, “My ex-wife cheated after 20+ yrs and gave every excuse.. took my kids.. and after three yrs she’s spinning The block… Nah. I’m good. I’ll be all about my kids, but her nah.. The amount of disrespect was devastating.”

A few YouTube viewers completely understood The “Big Boss.” 

“I agree. It’s very case by case, and cheating Is More nuance than ppl care to admit,” one user replied. “Showing contrition Is key, and The current conditions of The marriage Is very important for me. No one Is infallible. If my partner Is dedicated to doing The long work of repairing trust, I would want to try.”

Another person argued that when a man cheats, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s lost love for you. 

“He’s definitely frustrated by something, and yes, both parties should discuss The issue,” The user added.

Watch Palmer’s Full DJ Suss One interview below. In addition to her Viral cheating advice, The star spoke openly about her aversion to dating men within The industry, loyalty In a relationship, and so much More

What do you think about Palmer’s view on cheating? Do you agree?

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