Kemberly Achas CCTV Video Viral Online On Social Media, Watch Kemberly Full Video Clip Online

It was shocking to learn that her son had Killed her grandmother. It’s shocking, isn’t? This news shocked and stunned many people. According to reports, an elderly woman was found abandoned In Bulacan. This news Has been trending all over The internet and Has caught people’s attention since it broke. According to The source The remains of The woman’s body were found In storage.

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Kemberly Achas CCTV Video

Authorities confirmed that The woman found dead was aged 67. Her remains were found In an area far from The nearest town of Norzagaray, Bulacan. What was The cause of The woman’s death? The preliminary investigation revealed that The victim, a 67-year-old woman, died of blunt trauma to The head. Who Is The main suspect In The murder of The 67-year-old woman?

According to authorities, The victim was found dead In her Pasgis City home In Barangay Vilamok on March 4, 2023. Her son Is The main suspect In The killing of The woman. Police believe her 28-year-old son Killed her With a piece of wood. According to reports, The incident took place at their home. The incident reportedly took place at their home. Police began to suspect her son when They caught him dragging a box out of their home on March 6, 2023. This was captured on CCTV.

A neighbor reported a pungent odor In Barangay Matictic on Saturday, March 11, 2023. Later, police arrived at The scene and searched The storage box that was taped outside. The body of a woman aged 67 was found inside The storage box. The body parts of The woman were later sent for an autopsy. The autopsy revealed that The victim died from blunt head trauma. Police stated that The suspect’s 6-year-old son witnessed The murder of His grandmom. The motive behind The murder of His grandmother Is still unknown.

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