“Kidi is now sick with stroke”- Management respond to viral report.

It was reported yesterday that Kidi had a stroke.

KiDi’s name began to surface In Ghanaian news and trends as soon as The report went Viral, since The singer’s fans voiced concern and raised questions.

Richie Mensah, The CEO of Lynx Entertainment, Has denied claims that one of His musicians, KiDi, Is having a stroke.

Richie Mensah vehemently denied The claim, insisting that His artist Is Not suffering from a stroke.

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The music entrepreneur advised The general public to “ignore The rumors,” contending that certain bloggers were disseminating The bogus information as “clickbait” In order to drive traffic to their platforms.

On Monday, January 9, KiDi, a stage name for Dennis Nana Dwamena, posted The flier for His Golden Boy North American Tour 2023.

The tour was abruptly cut short, though. KiDi announced The suspension on Instagram (IG) on February 24, calling it a postponement.

“I’ve had to make this decision to postpone The tour due to health issues and I want you to know that this decision was Not made lightly,” he told His fans.

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