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Kuaron Harvey Video TwitterAccording to family members, Paris Harvey, 12, and Cuaron Harvey, 14, were shot and Killed at 2 a.m. Friday while livestreaming on Instagram from their apartment’s bathroom. In March, The cousins attended a family gathering to celebrate The birthday of a younger relative.

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Kuaron Harvey Viral Video On Twitter – Paris Harvey Accidentally Shoots Cousin Kuaron

The Shooting Is still being investigated by police, however it was First classified as a homicide-suicide. “Our heartfelt condolences to The families of Paris Harvey, 12, and Cuaron Harvey, 14, who tragically passed away on March 25, 22,” The St. Louis Police Department said on Social media. Paris 35 Shanise Harvey, 19, said she had No idea who owned The rifle or how her kid discovered it.

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They made a Video where she was playing With a gun, but she ran away and hit him,” Harvey told NBC station KSDK. “As far as I know, she then scoops it up, grabs The bucket and picks it up, and The cycle begins again… It wasn’t a suicide attempt. It was simply a freak accident.”

Susan Dyson, The cousins’ grandmother, told The St. Louis Telegraph that she saw Instagram footage of The Shooting.

“It wasn’t a question of them squabbling or anything like that. “They played With weapons when They shouldn’t Have,” Dyson explained to The Telegraph. “Of course They shouldn’t Have.I believe it just took off. It turned off by accident.”

Paris was a pleasant seventh grader who adored doing her hair and nails and had a lovely voice, according to family members. Kuaron Is described as a funny eighth-grader who Has always been able to do backflips.

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