LeBron James may need surgery after playing the playoffs injured

LeBron James may need surgery after playing The playoffs injured

LeBron James made so many seemingly impossible things happen this season. The season was so wild that LeBron breaking The scoring record was a footnote In The season. First of all, The Los Angeles Lakers got off to a 2-10 start of The season. After that, The Lakers went through a midseason trade. Still, The Lakers fell into The play-In. They went through that to make The playoffs. At 42-40, They upset The Grizzlies and Warriors to make The Conference Finals. There, The Nuggets swept them. In Game 4, LeBron had a huge game. Turns out, LeBron played injured and now might need surgery.

LeBron James Is considered by an increasing Number of people as The greatest NBA player of all-time. In His career, he Has often been compared to Michael Jordan. James Has played twenty seasons In The NBA for three different franchises. During this time, he played for The Cavaliers, The Heat, a return to The Cavs, and now The Los Angeles Lakers. Currently, there are some people speculating that LeBron will retire. After all, he Has won four NBA titles.

LeBron James did Not lead The Lakers to The championship this year. However, he broke The scoring record, and had an MVP caliber season. In addition, LeBron led a 42-40 record, Which normally doesn’t even make The playoffs In The West. This season, The Lakers went through The play-In, upsetting their way to The Conference Finals. Now there are reports that LeBron’s foot tendon was torn and he played through it. According to reports, he may get surgery during The offseason.

Source: Daily Loud

LeBron James may need surgery after playing The playoffs injured

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