Man chases his wife’s boyfriend with a flamethrower

Man chases His wife’s boyfriend With a flamethrower

Love makes people do some crazy things, according to one man In love. A few months ago, a man driving Uber went Viral. He was doing His job and wound up accidentally picking up His wife and her date. While many people said The Video was fake, it highlights what love and marriage In 2023 looks like for some people. However, all of that pales In comparison to what this husband did, upon finding out His wife had a boyfriend. The man actually owns a flamethrower and he Is clearly unafraid to use it.

Romance, dating, and love are all different sides of The same coin. None of those situations are easy, by any means. Some people wind up entering relationships With people simply out of familiarity. In other words, if a person knew someone They desired More was available, They would Have been With them. On top of that, people In relationships wind up meeting new people and developing crushes on them. As a result, all of those things can lead to infidelity. After all, people don’t like leaving familiarity.

Regardless of The reasons of being cheated on, one man was being cheated on. A man realized that His wife was entertaining another man. According to The Video, it looks as if The man walked In on His wife With another man. Obviously, he broke that up. After that, he went after The man who was spending time With His wife. Some neighbors recorded The entire confrontation, Which shows one man running out of fear, while The husband Is running behind him With a flamethrower.


Man chases His wife’s boyfriend With a flamethrower

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