Meet Dermot Neill and Priscilla Neill

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Sam Neill Is known to be a New Zealand actor who Has played leading roles In both dramas and blockbusters. This Article Is however going to be focused on Sam Neill Parents, Dermot Neill and Priscilla Neill.

Who Is Sam Neill

Sam Neill was born In 14th September 1947 In Omagh, a suburb of County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. His Full name Is Nigel John Dermot Neill and he Is 75 years old as of 2023.

attended The Anglican boys’ boarding school Christ’s College, Christchurch. He went on to study English literature at The University of Canterbury, where he had His First exposure to acting.

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He moved to Wellington to continue His tertiary education at Victoria University, where he graduated With a BA In English literature.

Sam Neill Parents 

Sam Neill’s parents are Dermot Neill, His father and Priscilla Neill, His mother. His father, an army officer, was a second-generation New Zealander, while His mother was English.

At The time of Sam Neill’s birth, His father, Dermot Neill was stationed In Northern Ireland, where he was serving With The Royal Irish Fusiliers.

Unfortunately, there are No personal details known about Sam Neill’s Father aside from being known as The woman who gave birth to him.


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