Nas sparks dating rumors with 20-year-old “plus-size” model

American rapper Nas’ Life Has always been In limelight for both good and bad reasons as recently he Is being rumored of dating a 20 years old plus-size model. Well, ever since Nas’ separation from His wife. Fans Have been curious to know about The love Life of The rapper. But it seems like fans believe there’s already someone In His Life. As he was In The Dominican Republic vacationing.

Read ahead to know More about fans who think American rapper Nas Is dating a plus-size model.

A little about rapper Nas and His love Life

Nas Is an American rapper whose real name Is Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones. He Is famous among all His fans With His stage name as Nas. While as a rapper Nas gained a lot of popularity. What was The most publicized part of His Life was His marital Life.

As Nas and Kelis’ relationship was The most highlighted one of His Life. Both Nas and Kelis married each other and even shared a son Knight. However, things eventually didn’t fall right into place and The couple got divorced With much drama surrounding it.

Rapper Nas and plus size model vacationing In Dominican Republic

After rapper Nas separated from His ex-wife Kelis. Netizens Have been keen In knowing if he Is In a relationship With some other woman. Well, recently both Nas and a plus-size Latina model Claudia Garcia were In The Dominican Republic and there Have been rumors about them dating.

Well, both Claudia and Garcia are vacationing In The Dominican Republic. About Which They Have even been sharing Posts on Social media. Yet, none of their Posts confirm that They are vacationing together. Despite this, fans believe that The duo might be dating one another.

Who Is Claudia Garcia?

Though fans know that plus-size model Claudia Garcia’s parents are from The Dominican Republic and that Nas might Have gone to meet them. For all those who don’t know about Claudia Garcia. She Is a Latina plus-size model.

On The work front, however, she Is signed to Natural Beauty Management, Los Angeles. Though both Nas and Claudia might Have been In The same place enjoying themselves. Only time will tell if They are dating each other or Not.

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