Natty Balbuena viral video leaked twitter, what really happened to the video –

Recently, Natty Balbuena, a panelist, caused a stir on social networks after sharing her experience of being a victim of sextortion. She revealed that an individual possessed her intimate material, Which sparked a great deal of controversy. The situation provoked two different reactions: some criticized her and believed that she deserved it, while others sympathized and supported The victim.

In this sense, several public figures also “chained The spoon” into The matter and expressed their opinions on it. Some showed their support for Natty, while others added their own spicy comments, like businessman Regis Marques who also wanted to share His humble opinion.

The commentator chastised Natty Balbuena for relentlessly targeting and criticizing everyone on The low-rated show that was moved to a later timeslot. The commenter urged Natty to Have The strength to accept criticism and stop attacking others. “Be strong enough to accept your own Video and stop pointing fingers,” she advised.

The panelist, for her part, chose to remain silent and entrusted to professionals The recovery of The spicy material that involved her, especially since The alleged content starring The woman Is already going around.


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