OBCD Meaning Explained: The Viral TikTok Slang That Everyone Is Talking About

A Viral slang called OBCD Is going Viral on TikTok as many users are left confused over its meaning. Previously too there Have been many such trends that went Viral. While once again we Have a slang term grabbing everyone’s attention. But In case you Have No idea what it implies. We are here to help you out With its meaning.

Read ahead to know More about a Viral slang OBCD that goes Viral on TikTok as users are curious to know its meaning.

TikTok’s new obsession Is In The slang term OBCD

TikTok can Have any trend going Viral on The platform among users. Be it glitches or a hack, all are tried out by users if They like it. However, at The latest we Have come across a slang term OBCD that’s going Viral on TikTok. But users are curious to know about this trend.

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Though The term isn’t something new. It was even there grabbing attention back In 2008. While once again In 2022 it became popular. Yet many don’t know what The slang term stands for and why Is it trending on TikTok these days.

What’s The meaning of The slang term OBCD?

If you Have come across The Viral slang term OBCD on TikTok and you are yet to understand its meaning. Then it Is a term used for obesity. It Is also used In The context of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

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As per Urban Dictionary, The slang term Has been defined as “Literally means obesity. Term Is used when one attempts to refer to one’s state of obesity without actually saying The word”.Back In 2022 when a user Nikocado shared a Video showing His pantry With different flavors of noodles The slang term OBCD became popular again.

TikTok users’ reaction to The slang term OBCD

Users Have previously come across many acronyms or slang terms that went Viral too. However, The latest term OBCD Is something different from The rest of The trends. The slang term Has been however trending With videos where users Have been using it instead of The word obesity.

Several videos using The term Have gone Viral on TikTok so far. While some of The users are also discussing The same on Social media. Not to miss, The OBCD term itself sounds like The word obesity. But users on The TikTok platform however are using The term to share their experiences With obesity.

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