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Ghanaian Social media influencer, Pamela Watara Has opened up about why she went off The radar for a while In a recent interview. 

Pamela Watara revealed The heartbreaking story of losing her baby boy just three months after His birth In an interview With One Ghana TV. She added that The loss   forced her to take a break from Social media.

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Known for her captivating presence and heavy chest ,Pamela Watara shared her struggles during her time away from The spotlight.

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The devastating loss of her son prompted her to step back and seek solace privately.

For almost two years, Pamela Watara chose to focus on her healing and recovery outside of public view. Now, she Is ready to make a long-awaited comeback on Social media.

In The emotional interview, Pamela expressed her excitement about this new phase In her Life.

Despite The difficult journey she Has faced, her determination Has remained strong, propelling her forward.

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