Paul McCartney and wife Nancy Shevell bask in the sun in St. Barts

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Paul McCartney and wife Nancy Shevell bask In The sun In St. Barts

Here comes The sun.

Paul McCartney and His wife Nancy Shevell were seen soaking up The sun on Wednesday on a fun trip to St. Barts.

However, The 80-year-old Beatles member and 63-year-old businesswoman took care to protect their skin from harmful UV radiation by wearing a long-sleeved swimsuit to The beach.

A married couple In their black surf shirts chose to swim In The ocean.

McCartney paired His look With a pair of blue-patterned swimming trunks, while Shevell wore dark shorts and a turquoise necklace.

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Shevell kissed her husband In The water.

While going for a swim, The “Let It Be” singer and His lady embraced tightly as she came In for a sweet kiss.

Once out of The water, McCartney further avoided sunburn by wearing a black hat and sunglasses to protect him from The sun.

“Strawberry Fields Forever” and former transport executive often enjoys going to The Caribbean during The winter.

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The couple wore matching black long-sleeved tops.

In March 2021, McCartney and Shevell once again took a relaxing vacation to The beaches of St. Bart.

However, this time The duo were unable to escape The paparazzi cameras as The French-speaking island Is a favorite of celebrities and socialites.

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The couple loves to vacation In St. Barts because They Have been seen many times.
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Leonardo DiCaprio was last seen on a fun tour of St. Barts surrounded by beautiful models. Late last year, Drake, Rita Ora and Jerry Seinfeld were also seen on The sandy beaches of The luxury island.

McCartney was Not always so modest when visiting The popular celebrity spot, however.

In 2020, The “Hey Jude” singer went shirtless on The beach In St. Bart and even tied a funky ponytail on top of it. Shevell was also present on this trip, wearing a fedora and a flowing pink cape.

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Shevell and McCartney Have been married since 2011.
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The couple Has been married since 2011. Shevell Is McCartney’s third wife.

The music icon was previously married to Linda McCartney from 1969-1998 and Heather Mills from 2002-2008.

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