Phil Tufano fdny dead and obituary, FDNY Battalion Chief death

Most recently, he worked for The New York City Fire Department for 20 years, ending on October 24, 2013. On January 2, 2014, he was given The title of Battalion Commander. They asked to be sent to Lower Manhattan (1st Division/6th Battalion), and The request was granted. Plan to stay for at least 10 More years and start learning next year to become VP. Will take on The tasks of The current exploration and keep adding to what we know. I hope The fire service Has many More wins In The future.

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Battalion Commander, In charge of keeping an eye on The fire scene and coming up With smart ways to Fight it. I’m also In charge of managing battalions, making sure They Have enough people, and making sure troops and companies on duty follow The rules.

A company leader who works for someone else. (captain). In charge of teaching employees on The job In administrative, discipline, tactical, and strategic skills. When The captain isn’t around, you need to run The fire according to His directions.

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