Plṳs-s!ze slay queen shakes b()dy to shade critics (Watch video)

In a society where body shaming Is still prevalent, one plus-size slay queen Is taking a stand. She recently posted a Video of herself shaking her body to The rhythm of music, In what she described as her way of shading her critics. The slay queen, who Has remained anonymous, also went further to express her love for her big boobs.

Her bold move Has received mixed reactions from people online. While some Have praised her for promoting body positivity and self-love, others Have criticized her for promoting unhealthy lifestyles. However, she remains undeterred by The criticism and continues to spread The message that all bodies are beautiful.

It Is inspiring to see someone embrace their body and refuse to conform to society’s standards of beauty. Body shaming Has become a pervasive issue In our culture, With unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated by The media.

Watch The Video below


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