QTCinderella Speaks Out on JustaMinx’s Role in Shutting Down Streamer Awards Afterparty

QTCinderella recently had a spat publicly With Streamer JustaMinx and The former Is explaining The reason behind it. Well, The Streamer Award afterparty left a little bit of drama behind it. Which unfortunately made JustaMinx and QTCinderella Have a spat later. But what did QT say on The whole drama With Minx?

Read ahead to know More about QTCinderella’s explanation of going public With The JustaMinx drama.

The Streamers Award afterparty drama

The Streamers Award was one of The much-loved events for The fans and The streamers themselves. With The event being a fun-filled one a little bit of drama at The afterparty just raised The temperature for all. JustaMinx got drunk and it created a scene at The afterparty.


Following The Streamer Awards, QTCinderella Has decided to go public With JustAMinx’s alcohol abuse

JustAMinx allegedly was so drunk at The Awards Show afterparty that it got shut down, after she hit her head on The floor while being removed by security pic.Twitter.com/boI65zVyda

— EarlyGame (@earlygamegg) Twitter.com/earlygamegg/status/1635582026894962689?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>March 14, 2023

JustaMinx was so drunk that later she had to be escorted With The help of security. But yes, it wasn’t just that, QTCinderella had her own experience With Minx and it later even turned into a spat that became public.

Spat between JustaMinx and QTCinderella

The afterparty was Not something enjoyable for many as Minx had drama created at The party. Some of The streamers including QTCinderella said that Minx was trying to toss others into The pool. While QT had even claimed that when security arrived to help Minx, she became limp.

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Yet, Minx had her own claims about The incident as she said that she was pushed and that she suffered seizures as well. On Twitter Not to forget, both QT and Minx had a Fight where The former had even shared DMs where Minx swore on Not drinking at The event.

The drama however continued further and Minx came live on Kick where she said that she would be going to Ireland to get treatment for her epilepsy.


qtcinderella explains why The streamer awards after party got shut down + her reasons into why she unfollowed minx pt 1 pic.Twitter.com/IMOt96fnzB

— aitana (@TINAMlCASITA) Twitter.com/TINAMlCASITA/status/1635346065313652738?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>March 13, 2023

QTCinderella explains on going public With The Minx drama

Minx had posted a Photo of herself from The hospital however QT didn’t believe that and wrote “You’re just lying. This picture Is from you getting liquids at The ER”. However, many of The fans wanted to know why The whole spat was taken to go public.

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You were drunk before The after party I almost had you thrown out of The show because you were yelling and making everyone uncomfortable. Completely. I’ve tried everything With you. Rehab. Everything. I hope this Is your rock bottom. Get help. pic.Twitter.com/a9ptpwr5iB

— QTCinderella (@qtcinderella) Twitter.com/qtcinderella/status/1635367816915488771?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>March 13, 2023

On Twitch, however, QT explained The whole thing. On 14th March QT said, “I can’t tell you how many tears I’ve cried over losing someone who was my bestfriend to this”. Adding More to it she said, “Genuinely. Over The past year, you can’t look at her In The face- there’s Not The same person there. She’s been lost and gone. I’ve tried everything”.

Minx had offered to reimburse for The canceled afterparty cost to QT. However, The latter Has blocked Minx according to her.

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