Rick Ross plans to run for mayor of Fayetteville, GA

Rick Ross plans to run for mayor of Fayetteville, GA

Rick Ross’ annual car show at His massive Fayetteville, GA home was In The works again, as he planned to host it on June 3. There was even going to be a performance by Gucci Mane, at this property. However, The city of Fayetteville didn’t end up granting Ross a permit, to be able to Have this event. But, Ross Is still planning to Have The car show.

As a result of this frustration, Ross revealed on Tuesday, on His Instagram stories, that he’s planning to run for mayor of Fayetteville. This would be In their mayoral election that’s taking place In 2024. Ross added that this also stems from His love for Fayetteville.

“I love Fayetteville so much. Next year I’m running for mayor. That’s right. The boss Rick Ross running for mayor of Fayetteville. I wanna know how many votes did it actually take to vote In The mayor of Fayetteville. I need to know that ‘cause we gon’ become that. We gon’ make that happen, and we gonna Have a good time. We gon’ give some people opportunities, we gon’ give some people raises and, of course, we gon’ Have to clean some people out.”

Check out Rick Ross speaking on wanting to run for mayor of Fayetteville, GA, below.

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Rick Ross announces that he wants to run for mayor after officials reject His car and bike show permit request. pic.Twitter.com/SMOg437Hf9

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Rick Ross plans to run for mayor of Fayetteville, GA

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