Sheetal Mhatre Video Viral On Social Media, Watch Shiv Sena MLA Prakash Surve caught ‘kissing’ On Camera

After a Viral Video of Prakash Surve, Shiv Sena MLA went Viral, there Has been a lot of controversy on Social media. Yes, The Viral Video of Prakash Surve, Shis Sena MLA, Is making massive rounds on Social media. Prakash Surve’s Video Is also making waves on news channels. But why? Why Is The Video so popular? Many people are also searching for The Video online, curiously. According to reports, The clip Is spreading rapidly on Social media platforms, particularly Twitter. It Has been described In detail.

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Sheetal Mhatre Video

The Video features The Shiv Sena MLA sexing With a female leader from The party. This Is why MLA Prakash Surve’s Video Is so popular on Twitter and other Social media sites. The Video’s female lead Is who? According to reports, The Shiv Sena leader Is The woman who was kissed and rubbed by MLA Prakash Surve. Please refer to The next section for More information about The female lead.

According to reports, MLA Prakash Surve’s Viral Video shows Sheetal Mhatre as The female leader. The Video of MLA Prakash Surve being taken out of His car’s sunroof at a rally shows him standing. In The Video, Prakash Surve can be seen standing next to Sheetal Mahatre. MLA Prakash leaned down to kiss Sheetal Mhatre several times and then smiled at her. The public did Not appreciate this act. MLA Prakash Surve received a lot of backlash from The public because of His actions. Does Sheetal Mhatre or MLA Prakash Surve Have any responses? It Is, please read The next section.

According to reports, Prakash Surve’s family responded to The Viral Video by claiming that The Video was fake and Has been altered. According to The family, The Video was altered In order to discredit Prakash Surve’s Image and harm His political career. The Video went Viral on Social media and was viewed by thousands. According to The source, two individuals Have been charged With allegedly creating a morphing Video that would ruin Prakash Surve’s political career.

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